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Re: [lwip-users] How to build a simple TCP [...]

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] How to build a simple TCP [...]
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2008 18:46:54 +0200
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Antonio de Angelis wrote:
[lengthy post...]
First of all, your mail is very difficult to read if you mix such long code passages with the actual questions you want to ask. Chances you get a response are higher if the problem is expalined shortly and code is put at the end of the mail.

As to your problem: I don't really know why this doesn't work, I already did such a setup on my PC. Did you try your client application to connect to some other (non lwIP) server? Maybe even outside your PC? If you still have problems, you can try to use wireshark to monitor the ethernet packets sent on the network. Maybe that helps to find the problem.


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