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[lwip-users] problem with TCP, with send file

From: Pedro Chávez Barrios
Subject: [lwip-users] problem with TCP, with send file
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 20:46:13 -0500


Help me please

I had installed RTL-lwIP-0.4 correctly, the example located in /opt/RTL-lwIP-0.4/examples/secuential_api/tcp_echo/tcpclient.o

works ok, this example sends "hello" to server (in another machine). BUT

How can I send a FILE?

I did:

In tcpclient.c, I type the lines, in order to work with functions of FILE, I have to include the library <stdio.h> but the program refused it, at the moment that I typed make examples from RTL-lwIP.


Thanks for your Help.


regards Pedro

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