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[lwip-users] what the NETIF_FLAG_DHCP is for?

From: Kiran Bacchewar
Subject: [lwip-users] what the NETIF_FLAG_DHCP is for?
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 16:58:04 +0530

HI all,
i want to enable the DHCP in lwip. iam using lwip 1.3 version.
i made the fallowing initialization...
#define LWIP_DHCP    1                (in lwipopts.h)
ip_addr.addr=0;                                (in init.c file)
by this initialization, i can see the DISCOVER,OFFER,REQUEST,ACK packets sent to/from by the lwip as per the DHCP standard.... but when i ping for the offerd address, the board(on which lwip is ported)  doesn't respond... 
after doing some debug... i found that there is no ip address assigned in the netif->ip_addr, its assignde to 'zero' the initial value...
and if i disable the DHCP and give
1>the static ip addresses
2>make LWIP_DHCP  0  
3>remove the dhcp_start()
the ping, all the other appliacations works fine....
what might be the problem??? is the DHCP initialization right??? am i missing some thing???
what is the significance of NETIF_FLAG_DHCP?? where it should be set into the netif flags in the initialization sequence???
thank you in advance...

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