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[lwip-users] problem on ETH_PAD_SIZE!!!

From: 任强
Subject: [lwip-users] problem on ETH_PAD_SIZE!!!
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2008 12:41:09 +0800

I can get packets in low_level_input. But after passed to ethernetif_input, they are discarded due to wrong ethhdr->type. I found out the wrong ethhdr->type is 2 bytes ahead of its proper position. I guess it's because of  ETH_PAD_SIZE( in lwipopts.h: #define ETH_PAD_SIZE 2 ). I change it into 0, and ethhdr->type is right. But the packets I send are wrong at this time.
This problem sticked me for a few days, so please give me some advice!

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