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[lwip-users] using netconn_close and netconn_delete

From: Dustin Stahlback
Subject: [lwip-users] using netconn_close and netconn_delete
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2008 15:33:30 -0500


I use freeRTOS along with lwip 1.3.x latest cvs.  A smtp client runs in
a different task from the lwiptcp task.  I create a smtp client task,
perform the function using the netconn interface (netconn_new,
netconn_bind, netconn_connect, netconn_write, netconn_recv,
netconn_close, netconn_delete).  When my task has completed I call
netconn_close and then netconn_delete on the PCB.  I then kill the RTOS
task and create another smtp task.  When I go to call netconn_connect I
get the errors ERR_ABRT or ERR_USE.  I don't know if it's timing or if
calling netconn_connect allows me to make another connection.  Is there
a certain time limit I should wait when creating/destroying my task or
am I using the netconn interface incorrectly?



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