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RE : [lwip-users] ping.c with NO_SYS

From: Frédéric BERNON
Subject: RE : [lwip-users] ping.c with NO_SYS
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2008 12:05:43 +0200

>I am trying to get (outgoing) ping to work with the NO_SYS option 
>specified.  It seems like LWIP_SOCKET should be off for this situation.

Yes, LWIP_SOCKET=1 is not possible if NO_SYS=1 (same for LWIP_NETCONN)

>I am guessing the first thing to do would be to call ping_init(), but 
>after that I am lost.  ping_init calls raw_new() then raw_recv() then 

In fact, the sample is design for NO_SYS=0 (since sys_timeout is used).
When LWIP_SOCKET=1, the code show how to use the raw api. The code need
to be changed to let you provide you a function you can call to do the send.

>I am guessing that ping_recv() would be called (as a call back) when the 
>echo is received and that I need to define PING_RESULT() to do something 


>ping_send() for the NO_SYS case is defined as static, with no apparent way 
>to invoke it.  So I am not clear how to get the ping to be sent. 
>ping_timeout() is also static, perhaps that would be what should be 
>called, except that I have no sys_timeout() function as such.

In fact, the problem is I forgot to comment this sample only work with
NO_SYS=0 (the comment only say "This is an example of a ping sender (with
raw API and socket API)", and I don't put a !NO_SYS with "#if LWIP_RAW && 

>Has anyone been using the ping code with NO_SYS?  And if so, how do you 
>make it work for you?

Sorry, I think you are the first one to report this problem. I attach modified 
ping files.
You just have to call ping_init, and each time you want, call the new 
"ping_send_now". I
can't test it now, so, tell me if it's help you...

Best Regards,

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