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[lwip-users] PPP Example

From: f.m.gomes
Subject: [lwip-users] PPP Example
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 15:01:29 +0100

Is there any working PPP example for Win32, that I can use to test lwip with a GPRS connection? I'm having a lot of problems with another stack in an embedded system, and I'm considering migrating the stack to lwip, but I want to test it with the same network (GPRS) in order to know if it solves the problem, before I spend all the effort with this migration. If there is a PPP example built for Win32, I can test the stack with the real network, and if it works well, I'll make the migration. I've seen the Florian Schulze migration, for an ethernet connection, but had problems adding PPP to it, so if anyone could help...

Thanks in advance for any help!

Best regards


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