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[lwip-users] Raw TCP/IP interface - tcpip_init

From: Prateek Jain
Subject: [lwip-users] Raw TCP/IP interface - tcpip_init
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 14:06:23 +0530

Iam trying to write ftp client on the top of stack. I have to send the data via dial up connection thus has to run PPP too. I have few queries here.
1. According to the doc "rawapi.txt" -  "The TCP/IP code and the application program both run in the same thread". But when I call tcpip_init() a new thread (tcpip_thread) is created. So basically we have two different threads. Does it mean that Iam not supposed to call tcpip_init() if Iam using raw TCP/IP interface? If I don't call this function PPP is not going to work.
2. In case if I call tcpip_init(), Should I call tcp_slowtmr and tcp_fastmr  functions (as "rawapi.txt" suggests). In case yes, Should they be in application's context or tcpip_thread context? The problems is : If it in in application's context, these function will access the global structures (active pcbs etc) which may be accessed by TCP/IP stack (say when an input packet comes).
3. Is it neccassary to call tcp_slowtmr and tcp_fastmr  functions?
If some has done this type of implmentation, please send the code.
Iam new to this implementation. Any help will be deeeply appreciated. Thanks in Advance....

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