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[lwip-users] Re: Re: [newbie] linux lwip 1.1.0. port

From: Przemek Wirkus
Subject: [lwip-users] Re: Re: [newbie] linux lwip 1.1.0. port
Date: 26 Sep 2005 10:42:54 +0200


Chris thanks for answering!

I'm building this apps (simhost i.e) from scratch, all statically linked
libs are newly build with every "make" command.

All debug options are ON. I can see IP packet is coming to tap0 or PPP0
interface and then nothing happens.  
I have only "tapif_input: IP packet" info and nothing happens.

This might be simple problem to solve but for me it's not so simple at

PS: when I downloaded from savannah web page lwip-1.1.0.tar.gz, in line
735 (file /lwip/src/core/pbuf.c) semicolon is missing. Is this ok? Or
maybe if semicolon is missing something else is wrong?

przemek wirkus

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