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[lwip-users] Raw TCP flow control

From: Peter Jolasson
Subject: [lwip-users] Raw TCP flow control
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 14:50:30 +0200

Hi there,
I'm using the "raw api" for TCP communication
Normally my "callback_recv" function passes along the payload data to the application and then calls pbuf_free() and tcp_recved().
But how should I handle a situation when my application cannot accept the data? (temporary stalled for a few 100 ms)
My guess is:
Store a pointer to the pbuf and in the "callback_poll" function monitor when/if my application can receive the data and then pass along the data and call pbuf_free() and tcp_recved().
Is this the correct approach/solution? Do I have to store a list of unused pbufs or can I in some way halt the "callback_recv" function while I'm only interested in the "callback_poll"?

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