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[lwip-users] arp reply, no ping

From: Chris Hiszpanski
Subject: [lwip-users] arp reply, no ping
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2005 23:59:11 -0400


Pinging LwIP, an ARP reply is sent from LwIP with the correct hardware address and ip address. However, ping replies are not sent by LwIP.

tcp_tmr() is called every 100ms.

Setting a breakpoint at ip_input, I verified that incoming packets are being copied from the CS8900A.

Setting a breakpoint in ipv4/ip.c at line 270 (inside ``if (netif == NULL) { ...'') to check if a matching network interface was found for the received packet, I find that the breakpoint is reached -- no network interface matches my incoming ping packets.

I have added the network interface with netif_add and set it as the default with netif_set_default.

Any ideas as to why LwIP is not replying to pings?


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