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[lwip-users] pbuf_free fails for telnet & http

From: Rolf Schroedter
Subject: [lwip-users] pbuf_free fails for telnet & http
Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2005 09:42:49 +0200
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I'm very new to lwIP.
Just trying to implement lwIP for the Leon2 processor running the Open-Ethernet core under RTEMS 4.6. using the current lwIP from CVS.

Testing with "simhost.c", "apps/httpd.c", "apps/shell.c" etc.

Ping works fine in both directions, no errors, no packet losts.

But when I try to telnet the target system
I'm failing with
        Assertion "pbuf_free: p->ref > 0" failed at line 575
        in ../../../lwip/src/core/pbuf.c

For the HTML-page is displayed, but nevertheless the system fail with the same message.

Any ideas ?

Thanks & regards,

Rolf Schroedter, German Aerospace Center

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