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Re: [lwip-users] race conditions in api_lib.c

From: Leon Woestenberg
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] race conditions in api_lib.c
Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2005 20:06:16 +0100
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Hello Dennis,

thanks for this much debuggging!

Could you please enter the bug and patch in the Savannah system?

This would really help tracking critical issues being solved, for
people experiencing similar behaviour.



address@hidden wrote:

I am using lwip-1.1.0 and the socket api that is based on the netconn api. I 
found really much possible race conditions in the files api_lib.c and api_msg.c.

I played a bit with task prioritys, and when the TCP/IP thread has the same or 
a lower priority than the application thread, many transmission errors happen 
(e.g. some pieces of data were sent two times - resulting in corrupted html 
pages with my http server test program). But this transmission errors disappear 
when the priority of the TCP/IP thread is higher than the priority of the 
application thread.

But there still remains one transmission error problem. In really seldom cases 
(every 30 minutes with a continuous TCP data stream of 30MBit/s on my 400MHz 
PowerPC board) up to 64kb garbage data is transmitted by lwIP.

After looking closer to api_lib.c, I have found the problem in the function 
netconn_write. The problem there is that a variable that is shared between the TCP 
thread and the user thread is accessed three times without synchronization of the two 
threads. The variable I am talking about is pcb->snd_buf, that is accessed by 
using the macro call tcp_sndbuf(conn->pcb.tcp). The function netconn_write tries 
to figure out how much space is still there in the send buffer, and transmitts the 
data piece by piece to ensure the send buffer does not overflow. The maximum block 
size is determined by this code:

  if (size > tcp_sndbuf(conn->pcb.tcp)) {
    /* We cannot send more than one send buffer's worth of data at a
       time. */
    len = tcp_sndbuf(conn->pcb.tcp);
  } else {
    len = size;

The data transmission error happens when the thread is interrupted just after 
the if() and before the len = tcp_sndbuf() line. When the sendbuffer gets 
updated by the TCP thread, and suddenly the sendbuffer is bigger than size, len 
is set to a value bigger than size. When you now look a bit further into 
netconn_write, you will find the line   size -= len;  that updates the 
remaining number of bytes to transmit. But if len is bigger than size, size 
will overflow (it is a 16 bit unsigned integer). In the worst case, lwIP will 
now send 64kb of garbage data.

I have made a patch for this particular problem, and for a race condition 
problem with the semaphore in the same function.

Dennis Kuschel

--- lwip-1.1.0/src/api/api_lib.c        Mon Sep 20 17:58:02 2004
+++ lwip-1.1.0/src/api/api_lib.c        Tue Mar 01 18:16:30 2005
@@ -621,7 +621,8 @@
 netconn_write(struct netconn *conn, void *dataptr, u16_t size, u8_t copy)
   struct api_msg *msg;
-  u16_t len;
+  u16_t len, sndbuf;
+  sys_sem_t sem;
if (conn == NULL) {
     return ERR_VAL;
@@ -651,16 +652,16 @@
     msg->msg.msg.w.copy = copy;
if (conn->type == NETCONN_TCP) {
-      if (tcp_sndbuf(conn->pcb.tcp) == 0) {
+      while ((sndbuf = tcp_sndbuf(conn->pcb.tcp)) == 0) {
   if (conn->err != ERR_OK) {
     goto ret;
-      if (size > tcp_sndbuf(conn->pcb.tcp)) {
+      if (size > sndbuf) {
   /* We cannot send more than one send buffer's worth of data at a
      time. */
-  len = tcp_sndbuf(conn->pcb.tcp);
+  len = sndbuf;
       } else {
   len = size;
@@ -685,9 +686,9 @@
   memp_free(MEMP_API_MSG, msg);
   conn->state = NETCONN_NONE;
-  if (conn->sem != SYS_SEM_NULL) {
-    sys_sem_free(conn->sem);
+  if ((sem = conn->sem) != SYS_SEM_NULL) {
     conn->sem = SYS_SEM_NULL;
+    sys_sem_free(sem);
return conn->err;

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