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[lwip-users] FTP-DATA exchange: TCP issues

From: Tom C. Barker
Subject: [lwip-users] FTP-DATA exchange: TCP issues
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 09:54:14 -0800


Maybe to short-circuit this issue, I am working with 
0.7.2 and am in the process of moving to 1.1.0 so if 
the following problem resembles a bug prior to 1.1.0,
please let me know.

In testing an ftp implementation where I will occasionally 
successfully transfer a 400k file, I have come across a
consistently reproducible issue where my lwIP ftp server 
seems to have dropped an ACK in that according to the 
attached (truncated-packets) ethereal file, the packet on 
line 249 should have ACK'd 264364, but instead ACKs 267284. 
The rest of the (doomed) transaction is spent trying to 
shoehorn in a few packets to the client's unacked queue. 

Would someone have any advice on what might be happening 
here and where I might catch this issue.


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