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[lwip-users] Re: lwip under coldfire

From: David Haas
Subject: [lwip-users] Re: lwip under coldfire
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 08:19:34 -0500
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Hi Igor,

You really need to ask this question to the entire lwip list, not just me.

I have never built lwip for a non-OS system, so someone else needs to answer most of this question. I wrote the ethernet driver for use with an OS, but I think most of it will probably run fine without one. My suggestions is to look at one of the other ports without an OS to see how to do it.


Igor Auzokoa wrote:

Hello David,
I am trying to include the lwip stack in my Coldfire (mcf5272) project. I am
not use any operating system and I want to include your Coldfire
system-files in ny plattform. Could you help me any way?. I have neither
file system not semaphores not mutex... I am using Metrowerks compiler and I
have created my project starting with a Unix Makefile. Do lwip run without
semaphores and mailboxes? Do I need the 'sys_arch' file? Can I delete it?. I
have problems with the api_lib.c and SYS_** defines. I have defined NO_SYS
and do not defined SYS_LIGHTWEIGHT_PROT...

Thanks in advance.

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