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[lwip-users] GCC & packed structs

From: Jim McNamara
Subject: [lwip-users] GCC & packed structs
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 11:37:42 -0000

Hi all,

Has anyone come across a problem using GCC with the packed structs declared
in LWIP??

I've an ISR based port of LWIP and I've discovered that the system stack is
being corrupted after processing of an incoming frame has begun.

A quick search on the web threw up a reference to a bug in pre 3.2.1
releases of GCC relating to "stack corrupted when passing non-byte aligned
struct with attribute packed".

Bar updating my compiler to the current version of GCC, has anyone come up
with a handy workaround??
Could I have configured LWIP incorrectly??

I'm using an MCF5272 based board and GCC version 2.95.3.



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