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[lwip-users] Running a PPP connection in a one-task environment

From: Serge Beuzit
Subject: [lwip-users] Running a PPP connection in a one-task environment
Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2003 01:40:23 +0100


I found the lwip project a few days ago while searching for an update of
the uCIp ppp stack. Two years ago I used a slightly modified version of
this stack to familiarize myself with the ppp protocol and to start a
now "forgotten" project :)

Using the uCIp stack, I'm able to dial in a GPRS modem and establish a
connection to my provider. Through it, I can communicate with my home

But now, I'm requested to port this stack on a micro-controller
(ST92F120). Without using an OS, all operations need to be done in the
same task. Do somebody know if it is possible to use the lwip+PPP stack
(or the uCIp stack) in such an environment or does it imply a full
redesign of the stack ?
I know an OS exists for this micro-controller but it is quite expensive

Thanks in advance and best regards,

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