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[lwip-devel] Desiderata for 2.2.0: better support for Debian packaging a

From: Renzo Davoli
Subject: [lwip-devel] Desiderata for 2.2.0: better support for Debian packaging and VirtualSquare
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2022 11:19:57 +0100

Dear Simon and dear lwip developers,
Dear Joan (maintainer of lwip Debian package).

I have some desiderata for the upcoming 2.2.0 release: fixes and
new features to simplify the packaging process (for Debian and
other distros) and the integration with VirtualSquare projects like
Virtual Distributed Ethernet (VDE) and Internet of Threads (IoTh).
(see www.virtualsquare.org)

More precisely my desiderata are:

0 - unify the contrib code into the main lwip source tree.
This upgrade has been already planned.

This change should permit a more strightforward building of the
new Debian package (currently the implementation is quite tricky:
a large packaging patch named "port" adds the required code from
contrib and rewrites the main CMakeLists.txt).

1- The code generated by contrib/ports/unix/lib has unresolved symbols:
$ nm liblwip.so | grep ' U ' | grep -v @
                 U sio_read
                 U sio_tryread
slirpif requires sio_read and sio_tryread.
The patch named 1-libnoslip.patch excludes slip.c from the library

2- CMakeLists.txt in contrib/ports/unix/lib lacks support for install and
uninstall and the compatibility with linux sockaddr.
The patch named 2-linuxlib.patch adds a new dir contrib/ports/unix/linuxlib
to generate a more linux-consistent library.

3- Add VDE support (see https://wiki.virtualsquare.org/#!tutorials/vdebasics.md)
The patch named 3-vdeif.patch adds an interface driver for vde.
(It requires libvdeplug).

Applying all these patches to lwip 2.2.0 should make the Debian packaging
project almost as simple as adding:
  dh $@ --sourcedirectory=contrib/ports/unix/linuxlib
to the 'debian/rules' file.

Season's greetings and Happy Hacking.
All the Best,


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