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Re: [lwip-devel] [bug #56280] lwIP DNS need to support CNAME Resource Re

From: Thompson, Jeff
Subject: Re: [lwip-devel] [bug #56280] lwIP DNS need to support CNAME Resource Record
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2020 10:21:22 +0000

Attached is the solution I came up with. All my changes are conditionalized the 
macro CNAME_HACK. The entry point is the function netconn_gethostCname().

Jeff Thompson  |  Senior Electrical Engineer-Firmware
+1 704 752 6513 x1394
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Subject: [bug #56280] lwIP DNS need to support CNAME Resource Record

Additional Item Attachment, bug #56280 (project lwip):

File name: 0001-DNS-Allowed-processing-of-a-DNS-response-that-contai.patch
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