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[lwip-devel] [bug #58612] TCP SACK and Fast retransmission error

From: hanhui
Subject: [lwip-devel] [bug #58612] TCP SACK and Fast retransmission error
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2020 22:03:11 -0400 (EDT)
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Follow-up Comment #3, bug #58612 (project lwip):

It is recommended that you can judge when the TCP packet is sent by the
tcp_output_segment() function. If it is a retransmission, fill in the TCP
packet header source port again:

   len = (u16_t)((u8_t *)seg->tcphdr-(u8_t *)seg->p->payload);
   if (len == 0) {
     /** Exclude retransmitted segments from this count. */
   } else {
     /** NAT output local tcp packet will change the packet source port
      * If this is retransmit packet the header source port has already
      * so here we change it back */
     seg->tcphdr->src = lwip_htons(pcb->local_port);

Of course, if there is no NAT, the previous code behavior is correct.


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