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Re: [lwip-devel] altcp_tls_mbedtls: MBEDTLS_ECP_RESTARTABLE

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: [lwip-devel] altcp_tls_mbedtls: MBEDTLS_ECP_RESTARTABLE
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2019 20:24:00 +0200
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Am 25.06.2019 um 16:40 schrieb Giuseppe Modugno:
Il 25/06/2019 14:29, Simon Goldschmidt ha scritto:
"Giuseppe Modugno" wrote:
No it doesn't work. Poll callback is called only 2 times a second.
mbedtls_handshake() must be called several times until it doesn't return
CRYPTO_IN_PROGRESS. With poll callback the handshake would take too much

Another possibility is to fire a timeout that is already expired:
sys_timeout(0, ...).

Do you think there's a better solution?
Not really. If you implement the sys_timeout() thing, you might want to
find a solution that doesn't use one sys_timeout() per connection.
In my case I have only one TLS connection, so it's not important.
a fallback to using 'poll' might be good as well (as sys_timeout() can
fail due to lack of resources).

As I said, poll can't be used because it is called only two times per

Well, I got that. And my thought was wrong, sys_timeout() asserts hard
when its pool is empty, so a fallback to poll cannot be implemented...


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