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[lwip-devel] Question regarding commit "Test / RFC: Reformat a few files

From: Axel Lin
Subject: [lwip-devel] Question regarding commit "Test / RFC: Reformat a few files using clang-format"
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2018 14:01:06 +0800

Hi list,

I'm wondering if it's a good timing to add such reformat after v2.1.0rc1.
A few concerns:
1. I guess many out-of-tree projects using lwIP will have a lot of
merge conflict after this commit.

2. It's not clear to me about the lwIP's coding style.
   When I patch the code, I usually follow the original user's coding style
   But I seem don't get the rule of clang-format coding style.
   e.g. now I found there are 2 space for comment after "#else"
   I'm wondering if any document about the coding style changes.
   Is there any way to check if a patch follow the lwIP coding style?
   Otherwise, there will be many coding style fixes.

3. The patch is so big (-2681/+2981), so I'm wondering if anyone can
review the change.
   (Just think about would you apply the patch if someone send you a
patch like such big-diff changes.)
    And since it is already committed, it's not just a "Test/RFC".


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