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[lwip-devel] DEFAULT_404_HTML: I think it doesn't work

From: Giuseppe Modugno
Subject: [lwip-devel] DEFAULT_404_HTML: I think it doesn't work
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2017 10:56:11 +0100
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I don't use a custom 404 html file, so httpd tries to use a default body defined as DEFAULT_404_HTML macro. I understood it is treated as a special case header, because it is added to the dynamic headers.

However I don't think this works well. In http_send_headers():

  if ((hs->hdr_index >= NUM_FILE_HDR_STRINGS) && (hs->file == NULL)) {
    /* When we are at the end of the headers, check for data to send
     * instead of waiting for ACK from remote side to continue
     * (which would happen when sending files from async read). */
    if(http_check_eof(pcb, hs)) {
      data_to_send = HTTP_DATA_TO_SEND_CONTINUE;

and in http_check_eof(), because hs->handle==NULL, the pcb is freed. After that, hs is referenced again, but it doesn't exist anymore.

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