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[lwip-devel] suggestion for DHCP+NTP

From: Aled Morris
Subject: [lwip-devel] suggestion for DHCP+NTP
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2017 14:29:41 +0100

Hello all.

I'm new to this mailing list so please be kind :-)

I have a couple of suggestions for improving the behaviour of SNTP when used with DHCP i.e. for those of us who compile with SNTP_GET_SERVERS_FROM_DHCP:

First, I'd like to make the default value of sntp_set_servers_from_dhcp to be 1 rather than 0.  This means that by default, any NTP servers nominated by a DHCP server will be used (in place of any manually configured ones)

I think this would be a more useful default than the current behaviour of rejecting NTP servers offered by DHCP, especially for novices and people who expect zero-configuration "plug and play" behaviour.

Anyone who has taken the trouble to nominate their own NTP servers by calling sntp_setserver should be trusted to call sntp_servermode_dhcp(0) before connecting the network so I don't think it is a problem for more sophisticated users.

My second suggestion is to call sntp_init() in dhcp_set_ntp_servers() so if NTP servers have been configured from DHCP, NTP is initiated automatically.  Again I believe this gives the ideal "zero config" behaviour - unless the user chooses to override it with sntp_servermode_dhcp(0).



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