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Re: [lwip-devel] [bug #43499] Wrong argument order in src/include/netif/

Subject: Re: [lwip-devel] [bug #43499] Wrong argument order in src/include/netif/etharp.h defines
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2014 18:46:53 +0100


not exactly (as far as I understood it) : the calls to the functions (from 
etharp.c, and probably only there) don't have to change, and would then be 
correctly self-documented.
See (address@hidden)
  ETHADDR32_COPY(&ethhdr->dest, dst);
  ETHADDR16_COPY(&ethhdr->src, src);
which expands to
  SMEMCPY(&ethhdr->dest, dst , ETHARP_HWADDR_LEN);
  SMEMCPY(&ethhdr->src, src , ETHARP_HWADDR_LEN);
which expands to
  memcpy(&ethhdr->dest, dst , ETHARP_HWADDR_LEN);
  memcpy(&ethhdr->src, src , ETHARP_HWADDR_LEN);

The copy is done from the right side variable onto the left side variable 
anyway, so I don't see why the macro
 #define ETHADDR32_COPY(src, dst)  SMEMCPY(src, dst, ETHARP_HWADDR_LEN)
names the destination src and the source dst.
Even if it does work...

No API change is needed anywhere if you swap BOTH src and dst names. Just the 
"self documentation" (= this h file) is fixed.
As far as I know ;-) And it worked on my target.
Except if I wrote my bug report wrong, I'm not suggesting to change only one of 
the dst,src pair, which would indeed force all user code to be fixed too...

B. Goas

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To: Sylvain Rochet; GOAS Benoit (SAGEM DEFENSE SECURITE); address@hidden; 
Subject: [bug #43499] Wrong argument order in src/include/netif/etharp.h defines

Follow-up Comment #1, bug #43499 (project lwip):

What you are suggesting is a silent API break which is going to put ALL lwIP 
users on nerves.


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