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[lwip-devel] tcp_active_pcbs and tcp_listen_pcbs.listen_pcbs Initializat

From: Andrea Merello
Subject: [lwip-devel] tcp_active_pcbs and tcp_listen_pcbs.listen_pcbs Initialization
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2010 15:07:32 +0100

Hi all,

I'm doing some experiments about lwip and my ARM processor; I got
problems and I found some attempts to dereference broken pointers in
lwip initialization functions.
tcp_active_pcbs and tcp_listen_pcbs.listen_pcbs looked like not
initialized anywhere in lwip code...

I searched in the lwip 1.3.2 source code but I couldn't found the
initializations... Initializing them to NULL in the tcp_init empty
#define fixed my problem..

I suspected it might be a bug in lwip, even if I think it is stange
because I guess lwip is used by a broad group of people.. anyway
finally I decided to write here...
Can please someone enlight me about this?

Please CC me as I'm not on the list..


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