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[lwip-devel] Receive a UDP packet on multiple PCBs ? (same port)

From: Stéphane Lesage
Subject: [lwip-devel] Receive a UDP packet on multiple PCBs ? (same port)
Date: Tue, 11 May 2010 19:11:25 +0200
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My LwIP device can decode 2 UDP streams (mp3, speex) to 2 audio outputs.
This is working.
But I meet a new case where we want to decode the same stream on both decoder/outputs
(2 independent amplifiers).

Currently, only the last PCB (socket) receives the packets. (there's no bind() problem)

In udp.c, this is clear:
   /* Iterate through the UDP pcb list for a matching pcb.
    * 'Perfect match' pcbs (connected to the remote port & ip address) are
* preferred. If no perfect match is found, the first unconnected pcb that
    * matches the local port and ip address gets the datagram. */

I don't know how an IP stack is supposed to behave in this case...
Is it possible to change that and copy+send the datagram to all matchings PCBs ?

Stephane Lesage

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