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RE: [lwip-devel] RE: [lwip-users] httpd slow response

From: Bill Auerbach
Subject: RE: [lwip-devel] RE: [lwip-users] httpd slow response
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 12:46:58 -0400

>Wouldn't it be nice to use the wiki to store such user's feedback? The
>problem with such user's reports is that those that don't make the way
>to the sources get lost in mail's history.
>Take just one example: "How to configure buffers" for various
>situations... I for one, am reading this list for almost a year and
>could net get to *really understand* what happens there :(
>I am sure that is a page was started with some explanation and a user's
>space, comments will be added there :)

I agree with having a feedback page - a "here is an lwipopts I used to solve
X" would be nice.

Users posting code patches which are used for whatever reason (speed, code
size, processor-specific improvement, support for RTOSes, etc.) would dilute
the testing base of lwIP.  Would someone's feedback about something working
or not working be valid against the current CVS HEAD when they've
incorporated patches?  Do you get bogus posts of bugs caused by

Standardizing ethernetif, or calling the interface frozen, would allow a
ports section which would remain valid while lwIP evolves.

A section for assembly internet checksums would be good too - this is
clearly the biggest optimization one can do.

A nice FAQ broken down by topic would be good too.  I know they're hard to
maintain and keep up with.  It's why IMO there are very few good ones for
projects which keep them.


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