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Re: R: [lwip-devel] two netif on the same HW - DHCP and fixed iptoghethe

From: Alain M.
Subject: Re: R: [lwip-devel] two netif on the same HW - DHCP and fixed iptoghether
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 14:20:51 -0200
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Ceresoli Luca escreveu:
Alain M. wrote:
What I am not sure is how to get the MASK correct with AUTOIP, any ideas?

AUTOIP sets the following (see autoip_bind() in autoip.c):
IP      169.254.x.y  (where 1<=x<=254)

This is what the RFC specifies. is reserved for this use.
Since there is no GW, to access a lwIP node with an AUTOIP address you must be 
in the same network.
There are resolution protocols in the Zeroconf family, but they are not 
implemented in lwIP.

This wouldn't be of any use in any one of my clients... A better gess might be to listen to windows' broadcast, listen to ARP, maybe something more, and then make a better initial guess. Not really easy, but may be usefull


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