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[lwip-devel] Re: [lwip-users] "automatic" code size analisys/comparison

From: Erik Ekman
Subject: [lwip-devel] Re: [lwip-users] "automatic" code size analisys/comparison tools
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007 19:45:08 +0100

On 11/23/07, address@hidden <address@hidden> wrote:
> I know this is kind of off-topic, but maybe I get some good answers here...
> I try to visualize the code size of lwIP (e.g. to see if 1.3.0 made it
> better or worse). Until now, I have took a loop at the map files and
> used a calculator for small regions but that does not really work nice
> if I want to compare the whole stack + different options on PC and ARM.
> What I'm looking for is a tool that can read map files (GCC/elf and
> win32/PE) and generate a report out of that, ideally including a graphic
> representation. Since I can't be the first person trying to do this,
> there must exist some utilities for that. Only google didn't want to
> show me any...
> I'd be so happy if anyone could point me somewhere...
> Thanks,
> Simon

I had the same problem, and threw together a sed/python-script that
parses the entire code base for function definitions, and scans the
ELF disassembly for function sizes. Output is as follows: [view with
monospace font]

/lwip                                                       : 62841
/lwip/src                                                   : 62841
/lwip/src/basic_signal.c                                    :  1074
/lwip/src/basic_signal.c#signal_connected                   :   173
/lwip/src/basic_signal.c#signal_err                         :   126
/lwip/src/basic_signal.c#signal_send                        :   545
/lwip/src/basic_signal.c#signal_sent                        :   230
/lwip/src/core                                              : 52245
/lwip/src/core/dhcp.c                                       : 12364
/lwip/src/core/dhcp.c#dhcp_arp_reply                        :   336
/lwip/src/core/dhcp.c#dhcp_bind                             :   848
/lwip/src/core/dhcp.c#dhcp_check                            :   214
/lwip/src/core/dhcp.c#dhcp_coarse_tmr                       :   170
/lwip/src/core/dhcp.c#dhcp_create_request                   :   684
/lwip/src/core/dhcp.c#dhcp_decline                          :   482
/lwip/src/core/dhcp.c#dhcp_delete_request                   :   167
/lwip/src/core/dhcp.c#dhcp_discover                         :   686
/lwip/src/core/dhcp.c#dhcp_fine_tmr                         :   136
/lwip/src/core/dhcp.c#dhcp_free_reply                       :   109

and so on.. Sizes are summed going up in the tree. This is an
unoptimized 386 Linux  build shown here. A problem is that the
low_level_input function is found in multiple files, and all of these
add to the total sum.

The sed script doesnt find the multi-line functions in lwip, so I have
hard-coded them to get the sum right.

I could post the scripts here if you like.


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