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[lwip-devel] [task #7235] Create timeout framework for NO_SYS=1

From: Simon Goldschmidt
Subject: [lwip-devel] [task #7235] Create timeout framework for NO_SYS=1
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 11:29:14 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #13, task #7235 (project lwip):

Yes why not? Instead of all the timer callback functions in tcpip.c that call
sys_timeout() to re-enqueue the timer, just use your table approach and call
your nosys_timers(cur_time) function at the smallest interval.

Calling at the right interval is a problem to be solved, of course. But I
think that could solve all the discussion about inaccurate periodic timers we
had in task #7244 (where we talked about using the exact current time to know
whether a timer has elapsed instead of the time waiting for a message like it
is now).

To get the interval at which to call nosys_timers(), we could either call
sys_time() in every loop in tcpip_thread or let the user specify a function to
call every x ms that puts a message into the tcpip_thread mbox...

Anyway, I think this would be even better thant the approach in task #7244!


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