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RE : RE : [lwip-devel] RE: [lwip-commits] contrib/apps/sntp sntp.c sntp.

From: Frédéric BERNON
Subject: RE : RE : [lwip-devel] RE: [lwip-commits] contrib/apps/sntp sntp.c sntp.h
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 14:41:44 +0100

>>With all the new apps in the contrib directory, shouldn't we clearly
>>separate them to show which API they are using?

>I meant creating multiple directories in contrib/apps (e.g. 
>contrib/apps/socket/, contrib/apps/netconn, contrib/apps/raw) and put >the 
>applications we already have in the right directory.

>> - ping: raw api based XOR socket api based, used only for tests or
>>need little changes to be useful (I will do > this evening)

>What does 'raw api based XOR socket api based' mean? I didn't really take a 
>look at the code yet...

The ping.c file contains both samples (it's from the "unmaintained" unix port 
:) ): you have something like  
/*socket api sample */
/*raw api sample */

For the folders, I think to the httpserver sample: if we want to improve this 
sample to share some code (GET/POST processing, independant of lwIP API uses), 
to avoid to duplicate it, where to put the code?

>I think the main focus of the repository should be on the lwIP core.

So, why the repository got "lwip" and "contrib" modules? 

>But as long as you maintain the apps you include, that's fine with me, of 

Ok. But for "chargen" ?


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