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RE: RE : [lwip-devel] additional/optional protocols

From: Pettinato, Jim
Subject: RE: RE : [lwip-devel] additional/optional protocols
Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 08:29:29 -0400

We have discussed the benefit of adding an 'apps/raw_api' and an
'apps/seq_api' area to the contrib module... and there are plans (right,
Kieran?) to do so soon. I don't recall exactly but perhaps we are
waiting until the next stable release before attacking the CVS
repository layout? And I know Kieran was looking for some assistance in
the form of volunteers for that endeavor as well... (and I'm certainly
willing to help!)

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Subject: RE: RE : [lwip-devel] additional/optional protocols

> A DNS client could be something to share, because it's
> something than everyone could need. From memory, Jim 
> Pettinato has ported the uIP resolver to lwIP. You can ask 
> him if he can share it with you. Look for the thread "BSD API 
> tcp echo server port" in April, in mailing list archives... 


> PPPoE could be an extension because I think like classic PPP,
> there is real interaction with the stack.


> But SNTP, SMTP, RTP, Telnet, FTP, TFTP are only working with
> the lwIP's API, and not with other parts. So, I don't think 
> it is in the scope of lwIP. But it's my point of view, wait 
> for others answers...

I'd like to see them in CVS/contrib or somehow create another pool of
available application code using lwip API.


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