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[lwip-devel] additional/optional protocols

From: Decker, Paul
Subject: [lwip-devel] additional/optional protocols
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 16:12:28 -0400

Hello everyone, 

I apologize in advance if this is going to the wrong group, if so,
please kindly identify where a question like this would generally be

As some of you know, we have made a port of the LwIP sources to our
Blackfin processors.  At this time, we have not submitted our port back
to the LwIP community, however, this is something we are looking at

We are also looking at various other projects and extensions to deliver
with our LwIP offering.  Some of these ideas include support for
protocols such as DNS(client), SNTP, SMTP, PPPoE, RTP, SIG and IGMP.  We
are also looking at various applications and protocols such as Telenet,
FTP, TFTP, and POP3.

Now for the question(s).   Do you have any recommendations on these?
Such as, are there already existing ports of these which have a similar
BSD style license?  Are there any plans or desires to move any of these
into the lwIP deliverable package?  

Thanks in advance and
Best regards,
Paul Decker
Analog Devices

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