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RE: RE : [lwip-devel] Crash Bug

From: Julian Gardner [RSD]
Subject: RE: RE : [lwip-devel] Crash Bug
Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 11:42:27 +0100

Well just started debugging the assert and the address I have for struct pbuf 
*p is 0x8c04260 which is NOT in my address map! Looks like something is 
corrupting memory pointers.


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Subject: RE : [lwip-devel] Crash Bug

Some ideas: Simon also check in a fix for pbuf_free (in ethernetif.c, tcpip.c, 
slipif.c, loopif.c). Try it...

Another thing: do you use LWIP_SNMP? I also got a crash with last changes about 
mem.c, but it seems more that snmp do a memory overwrite, and that new mem.c is 
just more "sensible" to this problem (it's not sure to 100%, but I check with 
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On Thu, 2007-05-17 at 15:25 +0100, Julian Gardner [RSD] wrote:
> Looking through the code it seems to use socket, setsockoption, 
> select, send and recv

So the sockets API.  That should have remained reasonably unchanged as far as 
applications are concerned, which means it's more likely a bug in the recent 

> Is there any debug I could turn on to try and find this problem!

Perhaps the most useful thing at this stage would be to narrow it down to a 
precise checkin.  Can you take the CVS code from around the time that you think 
it went wrong (i.e. before and after each checkin) and see which one is at 


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