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[lwip-devel] RFC: New project leadership needed for lwIP. Please step up

From: Leon Woestenberg
Subject: [lwip-devel] RFC: New project leadership needed for lwIP. Please step up.
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 23:48:57 +0100


this is my second request to the lwIP developers (with CVS commit
access) to step up as a project leader for lwIP. [1]

As I have not worked with lwIP over the last year or so, I do not think
myself in the position to oversee its development any longer in a
sensible way. I am stepping down as a project leader as per 2007. [2]

Please if you are now a developer, consider this opportunity. If you
think you might do this with someone else, e-mail that intention to this
mailing list.

Wishing you good holidays,

Leon Woestenberg

[1] My first request to the mailing list (many months ago) gave zero
responses. Either I was popular or the job was inpopular, or both :-)

[2] I am not sure if lwIP needs a project leader per se, but my personal
view and experience is that open source project do benefit from someone
with a bird's eye view and someone who can steer development activities
a bit so that focus is involved and knows when to round up releases.

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