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[lwip-commits] [SCM] lwIP - A Lightweight TCPIP stack annotated tag, STA

From: Simon Goldschmidt
Subject: [lwip-commits] [SCM] lwIP - A Lightweight TCPIP stack annotated tag, STABLE-2_2_0_RC1, created. STABLE-2_2_0_RC1
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2023 16:26:03 -0400 (EDT)

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "lwIP - A Lightweight TCPIP stack".

The annotated tag, STABLE-2_2_0_RC1 has been created
        at  42d7220ee1b6bea6fd9ce650b9681007df761678 (tag)
   tagging  84fde1ebbfe35b3125fc2d89b8a456cbacf148e9 (commit)
  replaces  STABLE-2_1_0_RELEASE
 tagged by  Simon Goldschmidt
        on  Thu Jun 29 22:25:48 2023 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

0x1abin (1):
      altcp mbedtls: Compile error fix.

Axel Lin (7):
      sockets: Fix missing err_to_errno conversion for ERR_VAL in lwip_recvmsg
      sockets: Trivial comment fixes
      doc/mdns.txt: Update document for mdns API changes
      apps/smtp: Remove redundant LWIP_ASSERT checking in 
      sockets: Get rid of sock_set_errno
      netif_find: correctly check if atoi means '0' or error
      acd: Fix updating prev pointer in acd_remove

Bas Prins (1):
      http_client: reset timeout when receiving data

Ben Wijen (1):
      tftp: Add client functionality

Chen Yu Dong (1):
      ci: Add unit test suite to validate tcp state transitions

Christoffer Lind (2):
      sys_arch_mbox_tryfetch not validated correctly
      dhcp: generate new xid for DHCP release

Craig McQueen (1):
      DNS: Allow a DNS look-up with a trailing dot in the name

Daniel Pauli (1):
      add API function mdns_resp_netif_active() that can be used to test if an 
MDNS responder is active for a given network interface.

David Cermak (6):
      PPP: Add test exhibiting empty packet null-deref
      contrib/ports: Add semaphore per thread option for unix
      contrib/addons: Add example of using DHCP extra options hooks
      ci: Add the default example_app config to the build step
      dhcp: Move in-place timeout/threshold calculations to macros
      dhcp: Add macro for appending extra client's request options

David GIRAULT (1):
      bug #54744: if altcp_close() called from recv() callback, there is some 
write to freed memory

David Girault (26):
      mqtt: remove bad assert in mqtt_message_received()
      altcp_tls_mbedtls: remove entropy/ctr_drbg from altcp_tls_config struct
      altcp: support for setting keepalive parameters
      altcp_tls: assert in altcp_mbedtls_bio_recv if bad state
      mdns: added support for searching services
      mqtt: support mostly zero-copy message analysis
      mqtt: fix first packet checking which fail if MQTT_VAR_HEADER_BUFFER_LEN 
> 1516
      acd: fix MAX_CONFLICTS check accorting RFC.
      acd: reset conflict count to ensure fast re-probing after announcing
      acd: inform address is good only when going in ongoing state
      mdns: increase mDNS output packet size
      mdns: update probe conflict function to provide service in conflict
      mdns: remove duplicate acd_state_enum_t declaration
      mdns: add mdns_resp_restart_delay to allow re-probe delay selection
      mdns: remove service TXT record from probe packets
      mdns: support for multi-packet known answer (questions with TC bit)
      mdns: handle tiebreaking loose like conflict
      mdns: abort packet analysis if conflict detected
      mdns: move MDNS_PROBE_DELAY_MS to mdns_opts.h to allow customisation
      mdns: restart probing when IP addresses has changed
      altcp_tls_mbedtls: ensure configuration is properly freed
      altcp_tls: support for saving/restoring session information
      altcp_tls: call the application sent() callback with usefull len
      altcp_tls: use ERR_CLSD only for handshake error
      altcp_tls: ensure no memory leaks and entropy counter is protected
      sntp: remove existing timeout before creating new

David J. Fiddes (1):
      Implement RFC4075 Receive SNTP servers via DHCPv6

Dirk Ziegelmeier (159):
      lwIP 2.2.0 development cycle start now
      Import lwIP contrib rep
      Work on fixing the build (integration of contrib)
      Commit new version info in doxygen file and init.h
      Adapt several comments to contrib rep move
      CMake build system: It is now sufficient to set LWIP_DIR for build
      CMake: Make MBEDTLSDIR and WPDPACK_DIR (Win32) overridable
      Remove unmaintained contrib/ports/FILES
      Add contrib subdir to FILES
      Start creating a VSCode workspace
      A few ACD compile and doc fixes
      acd.h: No "," at last enum element
      Filelists.cmake: Minor message improvement
      Work on VS Code settings
      Add VS Code workspace settings
      Apply patch #9694: Update prev pointer when skipping entries in 
tcp_slowtmr to prevent hitting assertion
      Add ACD to several documents
      CMake: add an include guard since files are intended to be included in 
other projects
      Minor cmake code cleanp
      Enable DHCP_DOES_ACD_CHECK by default
      Fix "switch missing default case" in dhcp.c
      Move two #defines from acd.h to acd.c since they are only useful in there
      VSCode: Fix windows command line
      Some TFTP cleanups
      Apply fix from Axel Lin
      VS Code again: Fix tasks.json for windows
      Improve TFTP implementation
      Improve TFTP comments
      Fix tftp_init_client signature
      Fix compile of TFTP using GCC
      Give lwIP a top-level CMakeLists.txt
      Restructure CMake build system a bit
      TFTP: Fix doxygen docs
      Document CMake build system
      Minor build system docs improvments
      Minor coding style fix in tftp.c
      Fix C++ style comments in TFTP
      Start working on Travis-CI integration
      Make test.sh executable
      Fix Makefile-based builds
      Add example app to travis (using cmake)
      Rename test.sh to travis.sh
      CMake: Use include_guard only when CMake >= 3.10.0
      Try to fix Travis-CI CMake build
      Next try to fix CMake build on Travis
      Disable CMake build for now, seems I need a newer CMake version
      Try to use more recent compilers on travis
      Work on Travis-CI
      Play with LSAN_OPTIONS
      Travis: Try sudo:required
      Travis/LSAN: reenable thread logging, sudo REQUIRED solved the problem
      Try to get CMake build running on travis
      Another try to get CMake run on travis
      Travis: Next try for CMake...
      Getting CMake build running on travis
      Adapt launch.json to top-level CMakeLists.txt
      Try to implement platform-independent keypressed()
      Fix cyclic linking dependency when using MBEDTLS
      Add special compile config for Travis
      Travis: Try to use Clang-7
      Fix bug #54850: lwip definition of htonX and ntohX do not properly cast 
to unsigned when byte order is Big Endian
      Travis: Use newer CMake, install Ninja
      Revert a change that was made for old cmake version
      Travis: Use CMake from /usr/local/bin
      Next try to get CMake up and running on Travis
      Try to build documentation on travis, too
      Try to get ninja-build running on Travis
      Try to get iteropts test running on Travis
      Try to find out what goes wrong on travis...
      Fix iteropts test
      Cleanup iteropts.sh output a bit
      Fix bug #54805: IP address can not be obtained over dhcp if 
PBUF_POOL_BUFSIZE is too small
      Implement task #11620: Add outgoing VLAN PCP support for Ethernet level 
      Improve build system documentation
      Travis: Remove "-j 4" command line option - does not make sense for 
      VSCode cleanups
      Whitespace cleanup in contrib dir
      Whitespace cleanup lwIP
      SNMP: Avoid NULL pointer dereference in snmp_scalar.c
      Fix wrong return value in snmp_scalar_array_get_value()
      Fix the same issue as in snmp_scalar.c in snmp_threadsync.c
      SNMP_ERR_NOTWRITABLE is a more appropriate return value for the last two 
      CMakeCommon.cmake: Add missing newline
      VS code workspace: add unit tests
      Minor: add parenthesis for cleaner code
      netif: Add getter for loopif for unit tests
      Implement unit test for bug #54670: sent out to netif_default?
      Fix bug #54670: sent out to netif_default?
      Make setup-tapif script executable
      Fix assertions in udpecho.c
      lwipopts.h: Raise number of UDP PCBs
      Unix port: Give threads a name on Linux
      Unix port setup-tapif: Add bridge to TAP interface
      Improve comments in setup-tapif
      Fix initialization of mqtt example IP
      Apply patch for task #15072: SNMP support for notifications and informs 
      Fix unused variable in snmp_example.c when SNMP is disabled
      Fix comments in new SNMP code
      SNMP: Simplify two informs functions
      More snmp_traps.c documentation fixes
      MDNS: Minor compile fix, declare variables before code
      Move netif_mdns_data() and get_mdns_pcb() to mdns_priv.h
      Fix bug #55017: Wrong return value in sys_arch_mbox_tryfetch() in 
FreeRTOS port
      Fix return value of sys_arch_mbox_tryfetch() in Win32 port
      Fix compile of mdns.c
      Fix bug #55034: apps/smtp.c fails to compile with strict C compatibility 
because of strnlen
      Fix compile error with GCC 8 in makefsdata
      netbiosns_name_decode: Take CONST char* as first argument
      Try to fix compile warning in mdns.c
      CMake build system: Fix STREQUAL comparisons and set /Wall for MSVC
      snmp_traps.c: Portability fix: Don't use non-constant initializers
      mdns.c: Fix accessing potentially uninitialized variable
      Fix warnings about ignored return values in makefsdata.c
      Fix bug #55078: Add custom data to pbuf struct
      CMake: Add support for Debug/Release builds
      Doxygen: Warnings are errors
      mdns_domain.c: Fix doxygen comments
      Fix MSVC optimization flags
      List supported build types in top-level CMakeLists.txt
      CMake: add debug info only for debug builds
      Add testcase for bug #55171: Binding UDP PCB with different IP type PCBs 
does not work
      Fix bug #55171: Binding UDP PCB with different IP type PCBs does not work
      dhcp.c: Fix typo in debug message
      Replace several occurences of stdint types by lwIPs portability typedefs
      Fix bug #55513: Uninitialized variable in struct netconn
      TCP/UDP documentation: Add reference to PCB mempool #defines
      Add documentation on how to debug memory pool sizes
      Fix bug #55536: lwIP 2.1.2: netconn_delete() called twice from 
      Apply patch #9737: Fix DHCPv6 DNS server assignment
      Fix bug #55537: Crash in SYN_SENT state when TCP_INPUT_DEBUG logs are ON
      Add lwip_port_rand() to unix port
      Fix lwip_port_rand()
      Fix a few documentation errors in MDNS
      Add missing newline at end of file
      Disable documentation warning in iteropts test
      Try to fix iteropts build, try to make travis fail when iteropts test 
      Add bug to iteropts test to check if travis fails now
      Remove iteropts test errors again, still not working
      Cleanup travis build script
      iteropts.sh: -j 4 is sufficient
      Fix iteropts.sh to correctly return error code
      More cleanups to travis.sh - run all test even if some fail
      Fix LWIP_ERROR macro - it should never be fatal (LWIP_ASSERT)
      Fix bug #55964: CMake's `LWIP_COMPILER_FLAGS` should be split for C and 
      Add note about MEMP_NUM_SYS_TIMEOUT in four apps
      Update .gitignore for latest VSCode
      Fix bug #55973: The parsing of max response time in MLD Query message was 
      Fix bug #55972: The Neighbour Solicitation used to do IPv6 address 
resolution was wrong
      Fix compile of last patch
      Fix bug #55702: SSI bug
      Fix bug #56003: `-Wc++-compat` causes build failure when using mbedtls
      Add #define for minimum IPv6 MTU length
      Minor compile fix for last commit
      Apply patch for bug #56239: compile fail when disable TCP
      Apply patch for bug #56098: Support for MQTT over TLS port 443 instead of 
      Fix bug #56136: The netif->mtu6 was updated by Router Advertisement 
      Fix possible NULL pointer dereference in autoip_start()

Eric Koldeweij (1):
      ip6: Fix crash in ip6_output with debug enabled

Erik Ekman (57):
      Update README
      Restore travis-ci link in README
      fuzz: Fix compile error in simulated glibc rand
      unit: Support check v0.13.0 and later
      tcp: Fix double free in tcp_split_unsent_seg()
      unit: Improve message when a memp pool has entries
      unit: Improve message when the mem heap has usage
      icmp6: add test case for returning copy of chained pbufs
      icmp6: Fix copying of chained pbuf in reply
      pbuf: Remove redundant tests that pbufs are freed
      icmp6: Don't copy too much data
      pbuf: Update documentation for pbuf_copy
      pbuf: Add pbuf_copy test operating on chained pbufs
      ip6: Add test for fragmenting special packet
      ip6: Fix incorrect assert in ip6_frag()
      ip6: Rename pbuf in unit test
      ip4: Verify ipv4 fragmentation sends all chunks right away
      ip6: Add ipv6 fragmentation test
      Remove extra newlines in LWIP_ASSERT messages
      ip4: Fix missing END_TEST in ip4 test case
      pbuf: Add pbuf_copy_partial_pbuf library function
      zepif: Copy possibly chained output pbuf properly
      unit: Enable DNS
      dns: Verify setting/getting servers in unit test
      Rename IP and Ethernet equality checkers from _cmp to _eq
      Remove @ref to fix doxygen build
      PPP: Change data argument in sio_write to const
      ports/unix/check: Split depfiles for faster build
      ports/unix/check: Fix 'make dep'
      fuzz: Improve Makefile
      Clean up COPYING
      icmp: Fix copied length in response packets
      test/unit: Add convenience Makefile
      test/unit: Fix compilation of ip4 test
      ports/unix/check: Ignore error from fail_* macros
      altcp: Fix memory leak in altcp_tls_free_config
      test/unit: Update convenience makefile
      tcp: Check tcp_output return values in tests
      netdb: Accept '0' as service in lwip_getaddrinfo
      netif: Add test for netif_is_flag_set()
      lowpan6: Use arch-independent printf formatters
      netif: Add test for netif_find
      dhcp: Add missing newline to debug message
      acd: Fix LWIP_ASSERT argument order
      example_app: Minor tweaks
      ip_addr: Add text descriptions for ip addr macros
      altcp: Add doxygen comment for altcp_allocator_t
      lwiperf: Complete documentation of lwiperf_report_fn
      netif: Add documentation for mac filter macros
      ip_addr: Add description for IP_ANY_TYPE
      api: Adapt doc comment to varying parameters
      httpd: Add documentation for http_set_cgi_handlers
      doxygen: Remove obsolete config
      Switch from travis to github actions for CI
      README: Update CI link
      Update gitattributes after travis removal
      gitignore: *.exe moved to top level

Felix Werner (1):
      Additional Debug-Print in api_msg.c

Florent Matignon (1):
      bug #54700: Unexpected expiry of pending ARP table entry

Florian La Roche (8):
      contrib/ports: Remove redundant -Wredundant-decls
      contrib/ports: check library has moved to github
      iteropts.sh: Fix warning on first run
      tcp_out: move debug output to after checking pcb
      Use NULL instead of 0 as a pointer
      redefine many vars as "static"
      gcc warning for sign conversion
      tapif: fix strncpy

Freddie Chopin (9):
      Fix doxygen @ref in altcp.c
      Fix and simplify newlines in doxygen documentation
      Fix definition of LWIP_NUM_SYS_TIMEOUT_INTERNAL
      PPP, PPPoS: Use `const void*` instead of `u8_t*` in pppos_input_tcpip()
      PPP, PPPoS: Use `const void*` instead of `u8_t*` in pppos_input()
      PPP, PPPoS: Remove useless cast from pppos_input_sys()
      Contrib, PPP: Remove trailing whitespaces in pppos_example.c
      PPP, PPPoS: Use `const void*` instead of `u8_t*` in pppos_output_cb_fn()
      PPP, PPPoS: Remove useless cast from pppos_output_append() and 

Gao Qingshui (1):
      ip6: enable ip6_autoconfig_enabled by default

Georgy Komarov (1):
      lowpan6.c: fix unuinitialized variable if LWIP_6LOWPAN_IPHC==0

Giuseppe Modugno (3):
      mqtt: fix ping request coming too late
      Added the configuration option ALTCP_MBEDTLS_AUTHMODE to set the 
certificate verification mode.
      Replace C++ comment with standard C comment to avoid error during 
building with -Werror.

Hannes Gredler (1):
      tcp_out: fix tcp_output_fill_options() arguments

Harrold Spier (2):
      Fix allowing negative offset for snmp_pbuf_stream_seek()
      SNMP netconn API should not check for core locked

Hu Keping (1):
      Remove unnecessary files in release tarball

Ivan Warren (1):
      Small documentation fix for TFTP

Jacob Berg Potter (1):
      ports/freertos: add missing include of tcpip.h

Jacob Kroon (3):
      PPP, PPPoE: fix build when PPPOE_SCNAME_SUPPORT is defined
      PPP, PPPoE: use service name and concentrator name
      Fix compile of UDP unit test

Jan Breuer (1):
      snmp_v3: fix reported usmUserAuthProtocol for SHA

Jannis Achstetter (1):
      makefsdata: Support using the system's zlib instead of only minizip for 
deflate compression and note so in the readme

Jasper Verschueren (18):
      ACD module added + update and improve DHCP + AUTOIP behavior
      mDNS: move domain related functions and output related funtions
      mDNS: authority section of probe message needs to contain all records
      mDNS fix TTL bug
      mDNS: remove netif from mDNS structs
      mDNS: add support for output delaying
      mDNS: author comment update + things left to implement update
      mDNS: add new files to filelists + solve compile errors
      mDNS: source address check added
      mDNS: ignore responses with src port != 5353 (rfc6762 section 6)
      mDNS: cleanup probing and announcing sequence
      Revert "mDNS: authority section of probe message needs to contain all 
      mDNS: respond to probe via multicast added
      mDNS: split probe packet definition and split outpkt creation
      mDNS: probe tiebreaking added
      mDNS: probe rate limiting if more then 15 conflicts occur in 10s
      mDNS: conflict resolution added
      DEF: added lwip_strnistr() for case insensitive matching

Jens Nielsen (1):
      Fix netbiosns expecting too large packet

Jeremy HU (1):
      makefsdata: Fix flags missing

Joan Lledó (13):
      alloc_socket(): Check for LWIP_SOCKET_POLL when setting select-related 
      Allow the use of external Sockets headers
      Remove assertion about the end of pollfd array
      IF_NAMESIZE: define it only if it's not defined before by system headers
      New function tcpip_callback_wait() * Call a function inside the tcpip 
thread and block the calling thread until the callback finishes.
      Move LWIP_MARK_TCPIP_THREAD to include/lwip/sys.h
      Add support for struct sockaddr with no sa_len field.
      Unix port: improve support for the Hurd
      Sockets: declare msghdr->msg_iovlen as msg_iovlen_t
      Sockets: Unit tests and apps corrections
      Unix port: sio module: memset struct sigaction to 0
      Make socket functions depend on LWIP_SOCKETS
      Contrib: Add kFreeBSD to the Unix port

Jonas Rabenstein (2):
      tcp_recved: check for overflow and warn about too big values
      err.h: move typedef of err_t after enum definition

Jonathan Demeyer (1):
      mqtt: Fix typos on 'incomming'

Jonathan Neuschäfer (6):
      test/fuzz: Don't crash with assertion failure when a packet is too big
      test/fuzz: Use HTTPS URLs and mention AFL++
      altcp: Fix NULL pointer dereference found by fuzzing
      test/fuzz: Fix CC default value in makefile
      test/fuzz: Build with -O2 by default
      test/fuzz: Fix use of htons vs. ntohs

Karol Domagalski (1):
      ip4: ip4addr_aton: fix parsing of the octal IP representation

Logan Gunthorpe (1):
      dhcp: Set hostname for DISCOVER packets

Martine Lenders (1):
      lowpan6.c: Fix IEEE 802.15.4 address setting

Mike Kleshov (7):
      Make sure tag insertion is complete when tag is followed by EOF.
      httpd: remove fs_file::is_custom_file, use fs_file::flags instead
      httpd: fix bug #58223
      httpd: follow-up to previous commit, replace strstr() with memcmp()
      httpd: wrap fs_file::pextension in a config macro
      httpd: follow-up to previous commit
      httpd: revert part of previous change

Mingjie Shen (2):
      mdns: Add null check for pbuf_skip
      api,sockets: Fix signed overflow check

Nick Ballhorn-Wagner (1):
      fix memory leak in netif_loop_output if tcpip_try_callback fails

Oliver Hitz (1):
      tcp: make tcp_listen() inherit the netbuf_idx of the original pcb

Our Air Quality (7):
      mDNS: change some debug line terminations to just newlines.
      mdns_search_service: simply the search for a free slot.
      mdns: defined the service slot id as unsigned rather than signed.
      ND6: add an explicit queue size check.
      mDNS: output search queries to the IP v4 and v6 groups.
      mdns_resp_add_service: simplify the max services guard.
      mdns mdns_search_service mdns_search_stop: define the request id as 

Patrick Schlangen (1):
      Fix select_waiting not being decremented for sockets closed while in 

Paul Mackerras (2):
      PPP, EAP: fix bounds check in EAP code
      PPP, EAP: ignore received EAP messages when not doing EAP

Peter Putz (1):
      pppos: fix in_tail null

Renzo Davoli (3):
      contrib/port/unix/lib: exclude slipif.c source
      add posixlib
      contrib/ports/unix: add vdeif

Shawn Silverman (2):
      Add missing terminating newlines to LWIP_DEBUGF statements
      Fix a printf conversion specifier in mdns.c

Simon Goldschmidt (164):
      fix msvc project files after merging contrib
      fix mbedtls with msvc project files after merging contrib
      Add new files to msvc projects
      Fix compiling ACD without LWIP_RAND
      Fix whitespace error introduced when merging 684adaca
      Fix mqtt unit test broken after 684adaca
      Fix some dhcp unit tests after adding ACD, disable the rest
      Fixed the remaining dhcp unit tests after adding ACD
      Revert "tcp_abandon: no need to buffer pcb->local_port"
      Fix bug #54806 (ppp: invalid LWIP_ASSERT_CORE_LOCKED() check)
      Add a unit test for bug #54833 (tcp_abort with wrong ports)
      Update travis-CI URL
      Revert "Try to implement platform-independent keypressed()"
      implement 'keypressed()' in the unix port
      tftp: fix cast warnings; return all error codes
      README: put wiki after mailing lists (it's not that good...)
      tftp client: pass 'mode' as an enum, not as a string constant
      tftp: added example for tftp client
      tftp: mode_to_string() should be static
      update ignore list
      Revert "Allow the use of external Sockets headers"
      fix missing standard includes
      fix compiling win32 port (packet.lib not found)
      Try to catch missing std includes on travis
      makefsdata: obey LWIP_HTTPD_SSI_BY_FILE_EXTENSION
      httpd: SSI types should be overridable (task #15071)
      snmp: fix coding style in last commit
      patch #9350: Sockets API: use OS's sys/socket.h instead of lwip/sock
      Explicitly check for TCP_MSS to be <= ~16 kByte
      altcp_tls_mbedtls: update list of todos
      fix typo in comment
      altcp_tls_mbedtls: use mbedtls_entropy_func for mbedtls_ctr_drbg_seed
      fix compiling ETHARP_SUPPORT_VLAN without LWIP_HOOK_VLAN_SET and 
      doc: update our docs for upload to savannah download area
      sync CHANGELOG after releasing 2.1.1
      Revert "tcp_recved: check for overflow and warn about too big values"
      tcp_recved: fix overflow check
      add new mdns files to win32 msvc project
      snmp_v3: use strlen, not strnlen
      snmp: fix coding style
      snmp: don't allocat outbound msg for GET RESP (inform cb)
      makefsdata: fix compiling for win32
      altcp_tls_mbedtls: add debug output of mbedtls library
      altcp_tls_mbedtls: add session tickes, improve configuration for session 
      altcp_tls: add functions to create servers with multiple certificates
      altcp_tls_mbedtls: listen: free members of the ssl context
      nd6: fix copying more than one DNS server
      tcpecho_raw: fix bogus pbuf_free on error
      tcp: improve debug message a little
      test: fix compiling unit test on win32
      mdns: fix compiler errors and coding style
      sntp: obey KoD when using multiple servers
      revert accidentally committed files
      udp: fix udp_bind for IPADDR_TYPE_ANY
      udp_bind: fix missing parenthesis warning
      LWIP_NETCONN_FULLDUPLEX is not alpha any more
      fix compiling unit tests after adding compile-time check for 
      api_lib: fix duplicate NULL check with sys_sem_valid()
      netconn: add callback arg storage
      ALTCP_TLS_MBEDTLS: include mbedtls/net_sockets.h instead of deprecated 
      dhcp: don't use LWIP_ERROR in dhcp_parse_reply()
      sockets: convert _HAVE_SA_LEN to lwip style
      add https example
      fix compiling last commit (save before committing...)
      autoip: fix 'autoip_remove_struct()' after changing storage to 
      sockets: fix IS_SOCK_ADDR_ALIGNED() for 16 bit platforms
      httpd: makefsdata: fix passing deflate level via commandline
      autoip: fix typo
      default_netif.c: add missing include
      netif_add: zero-init netif->acd_list
      fuzz: adapt to changes in mdns
      mdns: fix clang warning about documentation error
      netif_find: check if atoi means '0' or error
      ip6addr_aton: support scoped address strings (via '%')
      inet: added missing IN6_IS_ADDR_* macros
      fix compiling fuzz test under Linux after merging contrib to main repo
      sockets: ioctl: fix _IO macros for 16 bit platforms
      debug: split debug enable checks from LWIP_DEBUGF to LWIP_DEBUG_ENABLED
      ppp: don't link debug functions if disable
      ip6: fix printing rx packet headers
      netif: add IPV4_ADDR_VALID ext status callback reason
      opt: make LWIP_IPV6_SEND_ROUTER_SOLICIT default to LWIP_IPV6
      adapt unit test to new netif ext callback reason
      pbuf: avoid using multiple PBUF_POOL buffers for IPv6
      sntp: ensure sntp_retry_timeout reaches the configured limit
      httpd: error files must start with "<errnr>." to match HTTP status
      makefsdata: error files must start with "<errnr>." to match HTTP status
      icmp: add a dedicated struct for the standard ICMP header
      ip_forward: fix IPv4 forwarding with multiple netifs/offloading
      ip4: forward: remove invalid const modifiers
      ip4: forward: try to fix the build...
      snmp: update documentation
      nd6: update addr_hint only if the index has actually changed
      nd6: use a pointer where appropriate to make the code more readable
      nd6: check defines for global tables for validity
      nd6: cache neighbour index for each next hop, not globally
      altcp: fix altcp_tcp_close for LISTEN pcb
      httpd: post example: free pbuf in httpd_post_receive_data
      httpd: post example: fix typo in last version
      icmp6: keep to the RFC and send as much as possible with icmp6 error 
      ppp: fix compiling eap after changing debug functions
      win32: fix 2 compiler warning nits in win32 port
      ppp: fix compiling with CCP_SUPPORT=1 but MPPE_SUPPORT=0
      codespell: change file names, add possibility to write changes
      and another codespell fix
      pcapif: add option PCAPIF_RX_READONLY to simulate readonly RX
      win32 port: fix LWIP_RAND() being called without sys_init()
      sys: add the possibility to fuzz what sys_now() returns
      test: split fuzz into different files and binaries
      fuzz: add more fuzz tests
      Fix last commit for all netif loopback traffic
      fuzz: add debug output to help debugging fuzz crashes
      fuzz: add pcap output to help debugging fuzz crashes
      tcp: tighten up checks for received SYN
      ip4: add unit test for ip4addr_aton
      altcp: mbedtls: fix compiling altcp_mbedtls_lower_sent()
      Revert "altcp_tls_mbedtls: ensure configuration is properly freed"
      altcp: mbedtls: coding style fixes
      altcp: mbedtls: no need for SYS_ARCH locking
      fuzz: fix compiler error "missing prototype"
      fuzz: make CC overridable from 'afl-gcc'
      fuzz: whitespace fixes
      fuzz: allow overriding LWIP_RAND for fuzz tests
      tcp: fix sequence number comparison
      lwiperf: fix double-free of pcb on error
      pbuf: fix allocating large PBUF_RAM
      pbuf_free: remove outdated comment about packet queues
      fs_example: fix comment in fs_wait_read_custom
      mqtt: allow calling mqtt_set_inpub_callback before mqtt_client_connect
      mqtt: check data_cb != NULL
      tcp: send RST to input netif when no pcb is available
      doc: add description to get a release tgz from git
      makefsdata: add version info
      dhcp: convert 'subnet_mask_given' to 'flags'
      dhcp: prevent dhcp_cleanup passing external data to heap
      netdb: fix alignment warning in debug output
      netdb: improve documentation of LWIP_DNS_API_HOSTENT_STORAGE
      pbuf_realloc: check that mem_trim does not move the memory
      dhcp: remove acd handle when stopping dhcp
      dhcp: don't set a default gateway if dhcp server doesn't give one
      fix compiling/running tests on win32
      netif: fix removing ext-callback while callback is called
      doc/FILES: remove outdated entries
      update tinydir.h to newest version
      ignore LwipMibCompiler output files
      fs: move prototypes required to implement custom files as fs addon to 
      fix some compile problems with mingw
      cmake: fix building on windows with mingw64
      vscode: fix debugging on windows
      pbuf_copy_partial_pbuf: fix warning about assigning to smaller type when 
using '-=' operator
      some documentation fixes after merging contrib and example apps
      UPGRADING: added a not about merging contrib
      get cmake to compile under windows with ms cl compiler
      pppos: fix compiling new pppos unit test
      pppos: add new pppos unit test to vsproj
      altcp_tls_mbedtls: note which version of mbedtls we are compatible to
      ci: fix compiling test_tcp_state.c; add to msvc project
      test: unit: tcp: fix tcp state tests to not break other tests
      doxygen: dhcp: fix doxygen stumbling over nonexisting define
      win32: msvc: fix msvc project files to compile with VS2022; add 
      win32: pcapif: ensure we can run with npcap as well
      win32: check: adjust check config.h to run with newest check library on 
      release: mark 2.2.0 RC1

Solganik Alexander (1):
      tcp: don't reset dupack count upon non-empty packet receive

Steven Wartik (1):
      Added warning to cmake instructions when lwipcfg.h isn't present.

Sylvain Rochet (38):
      PPP, PPPoE: rename PPPOE_TODO to PPPOE_SCNAME_SUPPORT, prepare service 
name and concentrator support
      PPP, PPPoE: remove leftover from PPPOE_SCNAME_SUPPORT support
      Revert "ppp: fix compiling with CCP_SUPPORT=1 but MPPE_SUPPORT=0"
      init: raise an error if PPP CCP_SUPPORT==1 but MPPE_SUPPORT==0
      PPP: use netif_set_up() instead of setting NETIF_FLAG_UP flag
      PPP: add FIXME about removing netif_set_up() call later
      PPP, PPPoE: remove casts from unsigned (strlen return value) to signed
      PPP, PPPoE: prevent integer overflows when computing packets length
      PPP: remove casts from unsigned (strlen return value) to signed when 
checking auth
      PPP: disable VJ support by default
      PPP: cleanup
      PPP, PPPoS: wait for next packet when we drop a packet before it is 
      PPP, PPPoS: use PBUF_RAM in transmit pathway
      PPP: check that pbuf_coalesce succeed
      PPP, PPPoL2TP: fix displayed length in debug message
      PPP: enable PPP_USE_PBUF_RAM by default
      PPP: remove PPP_USE_PBUF_RAM configuration option
      PPP, PPPoE, PPPoL2TP: remove persistent retries if sending packets fails
      PPP: rename netif_set/get_mtu to ppp_netif_set/get_mtu
      PPP, LCP: merge PPP_MRU into PPP_DEFMRU
      PPP: force default MRU to 1500
      PPP: allow negotiating MRU with PPP_MRU config option
      PPP, PPPoS: drop input packets much bigger than our MRU
      PPP: set mtu6 too when setting PPP netif MTU
      PPP, PPPoS: only reserve header space for IPv4 and IPv6 packets if IP 
forwarding is enabled
      PPP: don't define PPP_IP if PPP_IPV4_SUPPORT is disabled
      PPP: remove LWIP_ASSERT_CORE_LOCKED on ppp_set_auth function
      PPP: add LWIP_ASSERT_CORE_LOCKED to ppp_set_notify_phase_callback
      PPP: assert if ppp_set_* functions are called when session is not dead
      PPP, PPPoS: only check open flag after events that may have changed it
      PPP, PPPoS: drop in flight packets from the tcpip mailbox if PPP session 
is down
      PPP, PPPoL2TP: skip address & flags for PPP control packets
      PPP, magic: cleanup code and documentation
      PPP, magic: dot not assume LWIP_RAND will return 32 bits of randomness
      PPP: fix unused parameter warning on prot_flavor if CHAP support is 
      PPP: remove unused ppp_pcb CHAP fields if server mode is disabled
      PPP, PAP: cancel PAP timeout when authentication succeed or fail
      PPP: add one more timer to PPP_NUM_TIMEOUTS_PER_PCB for late 

Thomas Mueller (1):
      Fix typo in definition of netif_is_flag_set() macro

Tom Collins (1):
      altcp mbedtls: fix error in preprocessor logic setting 

Wouter van Gulik (1):
      Fix failing fuzzer if compiling with ubsan

jona (2):
      Add codespell wrappers : check.sh,changed_files.sh
      Fix typos using codespell

quanjia (1):
      ping: sizeof to struct not pointer

weycen (1):
      netif: fix the netif's index error

xueyunfei (1):
      dhcp: Enable custom config for timeouts, thresholds, backoff time

yuanjm (2):
      lwip_selscan: lwip_selscan return -1 without setting errno number
      tcp: Make retransmission timeout (RTO) configurable


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