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Lout 3.42 (Was: wikipedia page)

From: William Bader
Subject: Lout 3.42 (Was: wikipedia page)
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2021 00:25:35 +0000

The two buffer overflow issues have been fixed, and fixed versions are already included in some distributions.
I set up a git repository https://github.com/william8000/lout/ with 3.40 plus the buffer overflow fixes as 3.41.
I also made a 3.42 version with additional fixes and some small enhancements, see the end of https://github.com/william8000/lout/blob/master/whatsnew (appended below)


Changes and new features introduced in Version 3.41 [Nov 2020]

   3.41 is 3.40 with fixes for two CVEs.
   Download 3.41 with
   wget https://github.com/william8000/lout/archive/3.41.tar.gz

   Bug fixes:
     CVE-2019-19918-srcnext in z02.c
     CVE-2019-19917-StringQuotedWord in z39.c

Changes and new features introduced in Version 3.42 [Dec 2020]

   3.42 has bug fixes, some small enhancements, and updated
     build scripts. Existing lout files should work unchanged
     and should produce identical output, except for slightly
     more accurate placement of some objects.
   Download 3.42 with
   wget https://github.com/william8000/lout/archive/3.42.tar.gz

   Support for embedding PDF and bitmapped images in lout.
     Embedding postscript requires pdftops, see PDFTOPS_COM
     in externs.h.
     Embedding bitmapped images requires ImageMagick convert,
     see CONVERT_COM in externs.h.
     The embedding code is in z03.c.
   Small images are now placed more accurately.
     externs.h now defines ALT_SCALE_FACTOR_SHIFT for embedded
     images. Lout rounds the scale factor of images with
     trunc(SF * available_space / image_size).
     If a small image needed a scale factor of 25.9, lout would
     round it down to 25, which could leave the image short by
     a few points on an A4 or Letter size page.
     Increasing ALT_SCALE_FACTOR_SHIFT from 8 to 12 makes image
     placement more accurate at the expense of reducing the
     largest page from 148m to 9.2m.
     The calculations are in FixAndPrintObject() in z23.c.
   Improve accuracy of the CM unit. PS_PrintBeforeFirstPage() in
     z49.c now writes its value to 3 decimal places instead of
     rounded to an integer.
   Running 'make install' no longer requires creating or removing
     directories. The makefile now works cleanly on Linux with
     'make all' and repeated runs of 'make allinstall'.
   Reorganized library directory that supports multiple versions of
     lout. In the makefile, the default PREFIX is now /usr/local
     instead of /home/jeff. The default lib, doc, and man directories
     are now under $(PREFIX)/share/lout-$(VERSION)
   The makefile now adds more warnings in COPTS.
   The makefile now adds $(CFLAGS) to the lout link line.
   externs.h has USE_SYSTEM_MALLOC to use the operating system's
     malloc and USE_MALLOC_DEBUG to enabled malloc debugging.
     Both should normally be disabled (set to 0) but can be
     turned on to help locate memory allocation errors.
     Memory allocation in z29.c and in z31.c checks USE_SYSTEM_MALLOC.
   Add an 'al' debug option to enable all debug flags
     in DebugInit() in z27.c.
   Add support for segmented postscript files in z03.c by including
     a graphic with the syntax @name@start:end
     The file 'name' should have a shared postscript prolog, a null,
     a shared postscript trailer, and then byte offsets 'start' and
     'end' to identify the postscript segment to use.
   Add 'static' to several C functions that did not need to be global.
   Fix bad memory accesses in DisposeObject() in z07.c.
   Fix the fatal error "AdjustSize: Up(x) == x!".
     Initialize column and row forward and back pointers
     in CopyObject() in z07.c, in insert_split() in z08.c,
     in MinSize() in z12.c, and in BreakObject() in z13.c.
     The original code did not take into account that rotations
     need both column and row pointers initialized.
     The uninitialized values would trigger an assert in AdjustSize()
     in z16.c. AdjustSize() now prints a warning instead of exiting
     in case the initializations did not completely solve the problem.
   Fix bad memory access to kerned_glyphs[] in z14.c.
   Fix a possible memory overwrite in prg2lout.c
   New files:
     .gitignore to keep generated files out of git
     updateversion.sh to update the version number in lout source files
     complout.bat unmaintained script to compile lout in a dos box
     makelout.bat unmaintained script to build lout using complout.bat
     instlout.bat unmaintained script to install lout in a dos box

From: Lout-users <lout-users-bounces+williambader=hotmail.com@nongnu.org> on behalf of Daniel Ajoy <da.ajoy@gmail.com>
Sent: Sunday, April 11, 2021 7:57 PM
To: lout-users@nongnu.org <lout-users@nongnu.org>
Subject: wikipedia page
The wikipedia page


In 2019 Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures listed two buffer overflow issues in Lout, which can be exploited if untrusted documents are processed.[4][5] Debian removed Lout in October 2020 due to these issues not having been patched;[6][7] the package had had no maintainer since 2013.[8]

Is that still the case?

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