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Re: Lout on Arch stopped handling symbols

From: Wolfram Kahl
Subject: Re: Lout on Arch stopped handling symbols
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2018 11:47:03 -0500

On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 09:28:25PM -0800, Daren Scot Wilson wrote:
> Anyone else using Lout on Arch Linux?
> I've been happily using Lout 3.40 to write a math paper, about 96% 
> done.  Haven't touched it in a few months.  Been busy with other stuff.  
> I've updated Arch (pacman -Syu) once or twice since.  Now when I run 
> lout on my paper's files, the resulting .ps file is lacking all 
> parenthesis, all math symbols such as = and +, and my horizontal curly 
> brackets I've gotten help with here before.  At least a few Dingbat 
> symbols still show up.  Body text is normal.
> My Lout installation is in /usr/local/lout, and shouldn't have been 
> touched at all in many months.   I'm not using Arch's Lout package, 
> which is an older version.  I compiled Lout from source, something I've 
> done many times over the years.     I hope my problem is just a missing 
> file, something the newer Arch versions dropped, or maybe it's the 
> PS/PDF viewer, Evince, that's messing up.

Sometimes I need to restart the viewer after re-running lout,
because the viewer apparently is in some inconsistent stat with repect to fonts.
(I'm not on Arch.)
(Perhaps investigate your fontconfig settings; and possibly restart your X 


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