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Default macroses for "guillemot"s

From: Илья Геннадьевич Кузьмин
Subject: Default macroses for "guillemot"s
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2017 01:11:18 +0300

Hi, All!

Considering to current trunk, default macroses for guillemotright/guillemotright characters still don't exist. I looks strange, as far as quotation with this characters is a quite common case for european languages. As I could see the last discussion on this topic was 11 years ago, but I believe it is still

What do you think about introducing two standard macros at include/bsf?

def ">>"  { @Char "guillemotright" @OrIfPlain ">>" }
def "<<"  { @Char "guillemotleft"  @OrIfPlain "<<" }

Best Regards,

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