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Re: WYSIWYM editor on top of ConTeXt / Lout

From: Jonas Baggett
Subject: Re: WYSIWYM editor on top of ConTeXt / Lout
Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2017 18:31:11 +0100
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Le 02.12.17 à 08:49, Weaver a écrit :
Some might.

I tried Lyx when I was starting out with LaTeX, but much prefer
The more you have done for you, the less configurability options you
wind up having access to.
I may have it wrong, but the concept you're advocating sounds something
along the same line.
You may well service a demand, but that demand may not be as large as
you envisage it to be, and once they have it down, many users could well
wander away looking for something a little more in the control

Hi Weaver,

Speaking from my experience, I was once working on a semester project report of over 60 pages in Word, and spending a lot of time for doing and redoing formatting, then a friend of mine spoke to me about LyX and I really appreciated being able to focus on the content without being distracted by the formatting. But at some point, I would like to see how the document looks like once exported and that's where I have lost a lot of time trying to customize the document to make it look the way I want.

From my case, thru ERT and document preambule, I had with LyX 99% of the time the level of configuration that I need. Once I needed something more powerful for cover letters that I was writing which needed to be dependant on the language, the gender of the recipient and whether he/she was leaving abroad or not, so I wrote the letter directly in ConTeXt. The problem with LyX was the time needed to find out how to make things work via ERT.

IMHO, the type of user that can be targeted by such an editor that I suggested, will be those writting rather classical documents of more than 10 - 12 pages and wanting to be able to focus much more on the content than in the formatting but still have good looking results. Typically students or professional that are used to write reports with Word but would be interested to use a more productive editor, but not ready to move too far away from WYSIWYG.

You are also right: this editor can also attract people that have first no clue about typesetting languages, and then discover at the end that they prefer to compose their document directly in one of these typesetting langue. But it could be that without this editor, they would have never heard about ConTeXt or Lout.


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