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CrossLink Question

From: Leon Hauck
Subject: CrossLink Question
Date: Sun, 04 Nov 2012 01:51:59 -0700
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I'm currently using Lout 3.38 (from Debian Squeeze) and can't seem to
get the CrossLink functionality to work.  Given the following input file
(named testme.lin on my system):


@SysInclude { doc }
@Doc @Text @Begin
@LLP @LeftNote { 1. }BY MS. asdfasfd:  { EX0000PG0000 } @CrossLink {
Exhibit @PageOf EX0000PG0000 }
@LLP @LeftNote { 2. }   Q.    Would you state your name for the record.
@LLP @LeftNote { 3. }   A.    asfasdf.
@LLP @LeftNote { 4. }   Q.    Mr.  I'm  and with me is
@LLP @LeftNote { 5. } and we represent regarding an`
@LLP @LeftNote { 6. }incident that happened at the back in April of
@LLP @LeftNote { 7. }2099.  So the questions I'm going to ask you today
@LLP @LeftNote { 8. }to that and your knowledge about, that okay?
@PageMark { EX0000PG0000 }
    x { right - xsize }
    y { { foot }  }
    # @IncludeGraphic testme4.eps


I'm trying to trying to create a link on the first page that when
clicked on will go to the PageMark on Page 4

I'm creating the PDF using the following commands:

lout testme.lin > testme.ps
ps2pdf testme.ps testme.pdf

When viewing testme.pdf in both acrobat reader and evince on linux the
link is displaying 'Exhibit 4', which indicates that EX0000PG0000 is a
valid pagemark (since it knows what page number it's on), and the link
shows up on page 1 (cursor changes and is highlighted when mouseover
occurs), but when clicked on it doesn't go to Page 4.

Should I be converting the ps to pdf some other way, or is there
something else going on with it?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Leon Hauck - Progressive Computing
Phone:  602-380-3811
Skype:  leon.hauck

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