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Margin kerning, inter-sentence spacing and drawings

From: Matej Nanut
Subject: Margin kerning, inter-sentence spacing and drawings
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2012 17:41:22 +0200

Hello again!

1. I've recently discovered the "margin kerning"/"character
protrusion" typographic feature and see that it is implemented in Lout
as a @Break parameter.

Here's my question: it doesn't seem to put hyphens into the margin. Is
this deliberate? LaTeX's microtype package does it, and I quite like
it. In Lout it seems to do it only for periods and commas (and I
haven't tried other similiar punctuation marks). Is it possible to add
hyphens to the list of margin-kernable characters somehow?

Also, is the feature in any way configurable? It seems like the whole
character protrudes into the margin. I would prefer it if only a
portion of it would (for the comma, for example).

2. As for the inter-sentence part: is it possible to configure its
extra spacing? It feels like a whole extra space is too much at times,
and I wouldn't want to add something like "&1.3s" into the code
wherever I end a sentence. I could change the meaning of "~~" but that
doesn't affect literal double spaces. Is my only choice writing "~~"
explicitly? It would also be nice if "~~" was parameterised in a setup
file. I think that in TeX, the extra spacing is defined by the font.
This seems like a good idea.

3. Is it possible to do something like this:
"http://www.texample.net/tikz/examples/rotated-triangle/"; in Lout? The
first problem I come accross is how to implement addition (like +10)


P. S. I could not find a discussion on this topic in the mailing list.
I'm sorry if I missed it.

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