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RE : How to do Conditional Formatting?

From: Pierre Lesimple
Subject: RE : How to do Conditional Formatting?
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2012 02:03:25 +0000

On 2012-06-01 18:56, Michael Koehmstedt, RenPet wrote:
So here's the actual use that I plan to put this to so that we don't have to 
talk so vaguely about "slightly different text" and "floating things" :)

I know that's NOT what you are trying to do but have you tried making it a 
@Table with @TryAfterLine (or whatever it is that you want) instead? (And no 
@Caption I would think)
As an out-of-the-box alternative to the quite complicated thing you want to do?
Sure, in case it's too big it will end up on a new page entirely but that 
should be fine... unless one of the 2 columns ends up being longer than a 
single page's worth of course, but @Scale exists for a reason.

Sorry for possible duplicates

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