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Re: Using Lout in an Android app?

From: Paul Zarucki
Subject: Re: Using Lout in an Android app?
Date: Sat, 07 Jan 2012 17:51:49 +0000
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You can call Lout via the command line from another application. I use this technique in a web application that produces PostScript and PDF documents. See, for example,



On 06/01/12 01:44, Daren Scot Wilson wrote:
I have an idea for an Android app (other smartphone platforms too, maybe) where I want to show equations nicely.  Is it possible to use Lout as an element in the system where my app could produce Lout markup (@Math stuff only), feed it to a Lout engine, and get an EPS output suitable for resizing and display?  I'm fairly new to the Android world, and could easily be unaware of the obvious, if this is something obvious.


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