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Re: Enclose page in a box without top and bottom lines

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: Enclose page in a box without top and bottom lines
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2011 08:26:59 +1100
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> Is there an easy way to ask lout to print each page with a vertical
> rule on the left hand side and another on the right hand side?
> I can use @address@hidden @Body} but that gives me rules at the top
> and the bottom which I don't want. My attempts with @address@hidden
> ... @Body} have failed.

I tried test document

  @SysInclude { diag }
  @Include { mydoc }
  @Doc @Text @Begin
  @CD @Heading { Test of Page Enclosure }
  This little document tests page enclosure.
  @End @Text

where mydoc was a copy of the doc setup file with the @PageEnclose
line changed to

    @PageEnclose { @Diag { @Node outline { box } @Body } }

intending to add "outlinestyle { solid noline solid noline }" and
"vmargin { 0i }" options to @Node.  That should have worked, but
I got a lot of nonsense about negative size constraints that look
like a bug to me, although I'll have to look harder before I can
be sure.  I'll do that at some stage.

So I abandoned @Diag, which is arguably overkill for this job
anyway, and added the definition

  def @SideLine
    @Box margin { 0.01c } paint { black } @VExpand {}

to mydoc, just before the "@Use { @DocumentSetup" line, and I
changed the @PageEnclose line to

    @PageEnclose { @SideLine ||0.3c @Body ||0.3c @SideLine }

This worked.  You can fiddle with the @Box options to change the
width of the rule, and you can change 0.3c to change the gap
between the rule and the body.

It's a pity that there is no symbol that does vertically what
@LocalWidthRule does horizontally.  If there had been, I could
have used that instead of @SideLine.


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