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@Font trumps @B & @I (which is a pity)

From: Mark Summerfield
Subject: @Font trumps @B & @I (which is a pity)
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2010 09:40:42 +0100


This tiny document prints the last three 5s in Helvetica Base whereas
I'd hoped it would print the last one in Helvetica Slope and the one
from last in Helvetica Bold.

I guess this is a feature rather than a bug?

@Text @Begin
lines @Break{
{Helvetica address@hidden @Char{five}
@B{{Helvetica address@hidden @Char{five}}
@I{{Helvetica address@hidden @Char{five}}
@End @Text

Mark Summerfield, Qtrac Ltd, www.qtrac.eu
    C++, Python, Qt, PyQt - training and consultancy
        "Programming in Python 3" - ISBN 0321680561

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