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Re: Newbie: section numbering option

From: Andrea Taverna
Subject: Re: Newbie: section numbering option
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 19:02:40 +0100

Jeff Kingston wrote:
> But in any case you don't need it, just write @M { x sup 2 } and
> so on in your paragraph.  If there is a problem with that, or if the
> documentation led you to believe it would not work, let me know.
Uh, I figured out the problem :D. I used a modified version of report,
where there's 

        @InitialFont    { Times Base 12p baselinemark } # initial font

If I delete `baselinemark' @M and @E work as expected but *bold* words
get misaligned, which was the reason for which I modified the report
setup. Are there other alternatives to use {baselinemark @Font ....}
with bolded words?

> Jeff



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