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Re: Newbie: section numbering option

From: Andrea Taverna
Subject: Re: Newbie: section numbering option
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009 11:51:52 +0100

Jeff Kingston wrote:
> But before we get into that, what is it that you are trying to
> achieve by using such a feature?
Right, probably, it's not necessary. It's just a problem I run into
while "playing" with lout.
I am trying the report class and I need an introductory section without
title nor numbering. Perhaps I'm using the wrong class...

> For example, if your aim is to get an unnumbered chapter called Preface,
>  there is a @Preface symbol for that.
And there's no equivalent for reports?

> > PS: does lout community have a usenet group?
> No, just this mailing list.
As much as humbly as a newbie can be, may I suggest to create one? I
believe it may improve lout's visibility.

Uh, if I may, I'd like to bother you another time.
I tried the math and eq packages and, as for what I understood, there's
no math symbol that aligns math objects with adjacent words in
paragraphs, is there?

If so, to solve the problem I come up with this:
def @MIP right equation { # math equation in paragraph
        @M{ baselinemark @Font equation}
is it a good solution?

> Jeff


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