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parameter of @High

From: Antonio Regidor García
Subject: parameter of @High
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 15:08:12 +0100 (CET)

Hi all,

I started using lout this month and I have some problems. I'm trying to 
implement latex's \vfill
command, and I'm using something like this:

address@hidden - @othernumber} @High {text1} text2

But lout complaints "width is not a simple word". Why has @High this 
restriction? How can I bypass

Using a fixed length is cumbersome, because I'm calling lout from another 
program and the document
contents are generated at runtime. The two numbers don't depend on text1 and 
text2, but on the
type of document (multiple types of invoices etc.). I'd prefer to use a single 
formula depending
on a parameter (namely, text2's number of lines, wich is fixed for each type of 
document) than
multiple hard-coded values.

Also, I can't use:

 x {...}
 y {...}

because text2 uses my command @Hfill (defined by def @Hfill {" " @Hfill}) and 
lout doesn't
terminate if I use @Place.

I'm using lout 3.36 on windows.


Antonio Regidor Garcia

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